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Holy Week: Day 3


Jesus enters Jerusalem

Happy Palm Sunday!

On the Sunday before Christ died, he walked the 2 miles from Bethany (where He was staying), into the city of Jerusalem. When He arrived, He rode in on a donkey.

People were running out in front of Him throwing palm branches on the ground and waving them and singing. (That’s the “Hosanna” thing you’ve always heard about!)

This was actually a fulfillment of ancient prophecy. You’ll find it from the prophet Zechariah.
(which was written hundreds of years before this event)


Here’s the deal with the donkey:
In biblical times, (especially during the rule of the Roman Empire) kings and nobles would parade in a procession, riding on the back of a donkey. The donkey was a symbol of peace; and riding it was a symbolic gesture that proclaimed peaceful intentions. When a king or dignitary was arriving in victory or triumph, people would lay palm branches in his path to signify the victory of the king.

In those days, legally, there was no king but Caesar.

On this special sunday, people were packed into Jerusalem preparing for the annual Jewish Passover celebration. That’s not a problem. What was a problem was that they were praising a new king! One they believed was their long awaited Messiah and savior. Not Caesar. (You gotta know, this didn’t go over very well with the Roman authorities in town.)

And that is how Palm Sunday got the name Triumphal Entry.
Jesus then walked into the Temple, threw over the money changers tables, freed the sacrificial doves and healed the blind and the lame. And that was just on Sunday!

Moment to Catch:

Having had a very full day, Jesus returned Sunday evening to the place that brought him comfort– the home of his friends Mary, Martha & Lazarus, in Bethany.
Read about that here! John 12:12-15

Thot for Today:

Where is your place of comfort. Where do you go during tough times?

Hope you’re enjoying this journey.

Come back tomorrow!

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Passages for today:
Matt. 21: 1-17
Mark 11:1-11
Luke 19:28-46
John 12:12, 13

Holy Week: Day 2

If you are just joining us today, don’t miss yesterday’s post. For the rest of you, welcome back!

DAY 2: Saturday – The Sabbath



Have you ever seen Fiddler on the Roof? If so, there’s a scene in there that shows the families of the town rushing home to prepare for Sabbath meal. That’s pretty much what Jesus did on Friday. He hurried to get to Bethany, the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus in time for dinner. And He needed to get there by sunset!

Today, of the Holy Week, would have been the final, full Sabbath day for Jesus. It had started sundown Friday evening and would go through sundown Saturday night for the Jews.

Moment to Catch

The Sabbath would be spent completely resting. And so, we don’t find much in the Scriptures that tell us about what He did that day.

With that, it’s interesting to note, this was the last day Jesus would have to really, really “rest”. But something tells me He spent the entire day teaching…and probably eating. :)

Thot for today:
Jesus rested on the Sabbath…do you?

Join us tomorrow, as we follow in His steps…

– Stephanie

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Holy Week Is Here!

A few years back I began a Holy Week tradition that seems to have caught on a bit. Each year, I now post my blogs, or daily devos if you will, that allow you to walk with and follow Jesus during his final days on planet earth. I hope you’ll share these with a friend, and make them part of a conversation or two as we journey our way to Resurrection Day. If anything, use them as your morning devotional perhaps. Enjoy! 

The beginning of the end.

The beginning of the end.

Holy Week:
It may be somewhat new to you,

but celebrating Holy Week is actually a very old tradition.
Holy Week follows the last 7 days that Jesus walked on the earth.
Where He went. What He did. You get the idea. We’ll follow his steps every day for the next week. So come back each morning, or evening if you like, and join us here.

For Jesus and His disciples it was time to make the trek toward Jerusalem to celebrate Passover Feast week. Remember: Jesus was Jewish. And, on this particular night (Fri.), he would celebrate one last Sabbath. (which was from sundown Friday to sunset Saturday—if you’re Jewish).

The Sabbath has “rules.”

One of the rules is how far a person can walk!

According to the Mitzvah, you can’t walk a straight line more than .598 miles (3161.74 ft.) in any direction outside your city limits.

On this Friday before Good Friday, Jesus was heading to Bethany. He needed to get to where He was going by sunset (before Sabbath began). With the average adult walking pace at about 3-4 mph, a day’s journey (about 12 miles) would realistically take about 5-6 hours.

Bethany was home to Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Yes, the very Lazarus He had just raised from the dead earlier that same week. Talk about a foreshadowing! (Jesus would raise Himself a few days from now!) Bethany was dangerously close to Jerusalem (about 2 miles outside) and to those that wanted Jesus dead. But Jesus knew what he was doing.

Martha had a big dinner planned, but Mary interrupted the evening, broke a bottle of precious ointment, showered Jesus with tears of affection and anointed His feet with her hair.

Moment to Catch
This act foreshadowed his coming burial. Back then you only anointed the feet of a corpse! You anointed the head of a live person. Pretty amazing stuff.

There’s lots more to come. C U tomorrow.

– Stephanie

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