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People are weird!

People Are Weird

People Are Weird

A girlfriend and I were chatting this past week. She’d had a bizarre encounter with a client who is also a friend. Let’s just say it was very stressful. In the end, actually, it was just plain weird. We both left the conversation shaking our heads.

We humans are an interesting lot. Sometimes, we even scratch our heads in wonder thinking, What just happened? “People these days are just crazy!” we often find ourselves saying out loud.

I’ve been reading in the book of Judges lately, and I have been reminded, this problem is not a new phenomenon.

I never cease to be amazed by the stories in that Old Testament book.(And believe me, there are plenty in there to leave you in wonderment.) One in particular, however, stood out to me recently.

The one I am choosing to chat about this week, however,  goes like this…

Jephthah is the child of a man via his prostitute.

This particular man also has a wife, who has children with him.

Therefore, Jephthah has step brothers and sisters. The siblings, obviously, don’t want their illegitimate brother to get any of the inheritance, and they are very clear about that point. So much so, that  they basically chase him out of town until he goes to live elsewhere. While there, in elsewhere, he accumulates a little band of brothers.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, so to speak, the enemies of his people have descended, and the elders of the town run to find Jephthah and call him back to come and save them.

J’s response?

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

[Well, probably not those exact words, but pretty close.]

Anyway, long story short, Jephthah, the  man warrior, takes on the bad guys, goes to war with them, and wins. Yay! Right?

No, not so fast.

While there should have been singing and dancing in the streets, instead, fellow tribesmen, from his people, hunt down Jephthah to chew him out. Whuh?

Yep…they are mad because Jephthahv didn’t come and get them and ask them to go to war with him.


He reminds them that he did indeed ask them to join him, but they refused!

No words.

So, here’s the deal, in my humble opinion:

1. We humans are greedy and self-centered at our core. It just comes, sadly, all too naturally.  (AKA J’s siblings)

2. We, as people, love to complain when troubles come. And when they do, we go and try to find people to help us out of our situation, or at the least, to take our side.(Like J’s howmetown when they found themselves in trouble)

3. When a person does step in, takes charge, and is victorious, we tend to get jealous. It seems we all want to be part of the winning team. (Victor over the enemy/the one who solves the problem and gets the praise and attention is suddenly our best friend.)

Point of the story?

We have’t evolved much, really, as a people since ancient times. Human nature (something we can’t see or touch) seems to be replicating itself very well.


We shouldn’t be shocked or surprised, by bad behavior or painful circumstances when they arrive. Stuff  happens.


There isn’t a pill you can take to cure it or a vaccination to keep it away. It requires something non-physical to combat this non-physical problem. We’ll talk about that more in the coming days. But for a preview click here.

And there you have it; your everyday thought for your upcoming everyday week.

– S.

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Back in the saddle…

saddle-419745__180For those of you younger than the age of 45, the phrase, ‘back in the saddle” may be new to you. But for those of us ranging in the “not so new generation,” it’s one we grew up hearing and using.

To say I have not kept up my blogging of late would be an understatement. Some of you may know I have had the privilege of working on a business ( ) and it has more than taken up my time and bandwidth.

I have had the pleasure of guiding and launching the careers and dreams of others, and so, the last thing I have had time for in the past three years, in truth, was myself…

Thanks to now having the gift of a team of members, to share the workload, I am finally in a position to get back on the treadmill, meet with friends and just re-enter the world. It’s all good. No complaints, but if any of you have ever started, or own, a business, you get what I am saying.

Join me in the weeks ahead as I work my way back into the writing graces and, hopefully, your inbox as well.

Keep in touch. Jot me a hello, and here’s to everyday life and the thoughts that await us in the days ahead.


It’s Advent Season…


Advent Wreath.

It dawned on me this morning that it’s time to dig out the Christmas items. I can’t believe the time is here for me to begin decorating the tree this week. Placed on top of  the holiday items that I store,  where I can grab it quickly and not have to dig (something I have learned finally over time) is my advent stuff.

If you don’t observe Advent in your home, you might consider it this year.

If it’s new to you, here’s a quick overview:

  • The word Advent means “coming” or “arrival.”
  • The focus of the entire season is to be on the celebration of the birth of Jesus, the Christ.
  • The celebration centers around his first Advent (and the anticipation of the return of Christ the King in his Second Advent.)

Anticipation. Looking and waiting for the coming King. The Anointed One. The Messiah. The hope He will bring.

To Christians, that Hope is the assurance of eternal life.

I have an Advent wreath in my house. This coming Sunday will be the 1st Sunday of Advent. So, in keeping with this tradition I will light the first candle in my advent wreath.

If you aren’t aware, each candle has a name. It’s interesting to see the variances on that topic. Something for you to google this weekend?

Regardless, why not simply light a candle this week and see it as a reminder that we live in the hope that He has come—and will come again.

Just my thoughts,
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