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April 30th, 2009 by stephanie

Stay at home in your mind. Don’t recite other people’s opinions. I hate quotations. Tell me what you know.

 – Ralph Waldo Emerson


April 30th, 2009 by stephanie

I claim not to have controlled events, but confess plainly that events have controlled me.

– April 4, 1864 – Letter to Albert Hodges

– Abraham Lincoln

Confessions of Single Females

April 30th, 2009 by stephanie

When a colleague handed me the over-sized, glossy magazine asking if I had seen it, I had to laugh. “You can read this,” he announced while holding it out, “but leave it here. I want to read it later.”

The cover was an illustration of a lone woman in a movie theater. And the title of the periodical was simply HER. When I saw the page he had it opened to, I then knew why the interest for this single male that is currently living with his long-term girl-friend.

In a very clever section titled “her confessions”, anonymous submissions were listed. Here are a few that caught my eye:

–I hate when my girlfriends get boyfriends because they completely change into different people!

–I don’t recycle. At all. I hope everyone else is, because I can’t be bothered.

–I am in love with my boyfriend, and he is my best friend, but I am not sexually attracted to him at all.

–Sometimes I drink out of a birthday mug and tell people it’s my birthday.

–I’m so sick and tired of non-Christians judging my Christian beliefs. I try not to judge your lack of beliefs, so why do you think it’s OK to judge my beliefs?

The birthday cup idea totally gets my vote. Can’t resist. I will have to try that some day. When I am really tired and lonely maybe.

SO…you SINGLE GALS out there…what are some of YOUR confessions? Send them to us via the comments option.  We’ll post them soon! Anonymously – of course.

April 29th, 2009 by stephanie

To sentence a man of true genius, to the drudgery of a school is to put a racehorse on a treadmill.

– Charles Caleb Colton 1780-1832, British Sportsman Writer

April 29th, 2009 by stephanie

When my horse is running good, I don’t stop to give him sugar.

– William Faulkner 1897-1962, American Novelist


April 29th, 2009 by stephanie

For those of you in need of a bit of levity today.


Here’s Oh No…it’s my mother-in-law

1 minute 20 seconds.


And for those of you into Pirates. (The Johnn Depp, Carribean-kind, not the Somali breed.)

1 min. 34 seconds





April 27th, 2009 by stephanie

Are you bored with life? Then throw yourself into some work you believe in with all your heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find happiness that you had thought could never be yours. — Dale Carnegie (Author, Trainer)

April 27th, 2009 by stephanie

Human pain does not let go of its grip at one point in time. Rather, it works its way out of our consciousness over time. There is a season of sadness. A season of anger. A season of tranquility. A season of hope.

Robert Veninga

From Died-in-the-Wool Liberal to Right-Wing Extremist?

April 27th, 2009 by stephanie

How does that even happen? Or, even more than that, does it?

The news had been full of reports decrying the “dozens” of people that attended the Tea Parties on Tax Day. Just a few angry, right wingers, venting and eschewing their tax-paying duties. Or so the stories went.

So you can imagine my utter shock while scanning the updates from friends in my Facebook pages when I came across one particular post from a past liberal friend that was ranting in full-fledged conservative fashion. The photo matched the person I knew, but the post made me blink not once, but about three times. I knew I may be in need of glasses, but this had to be wrong. This person that I had known years ago, a conservative bashing, left-wing liberal could not be the same individual now willfully calling herself a right-wing fanatic. If you would have told me that she would one day call herself a Right-Wing Extremist, and proudly blog about it? I would have laughed in your face.

This particular gal was as anti-republican as you could POSSIBLY get.

Naturally, in time, I would have to know more. One day, I bit the bullet, got up the nerve and finally asked for the scoop. Here is what I got:

“Oh Stephanie! Where would I even start? There have been so many changes in my life [over the last few] years, (for the better!) that I just want to cry with joy thinking about them. To say that I have started a new chapter would be minimalizing. I am a whole new book in a different section of the library!!!! 🙂

I can’t tell you exactly when, or even how, I became such a conservative. The first I realized it was when I went to vote in the 2000 election. When I got into the little booth I just stared at the machine, knowing that I could not vote for Al Gore. I bet I stood there for 10 minutes. Heck, I had CAMPAIGNED for the guy. But I knew in my heart that there was no way I could do that. So I voted for Bush and have never looked back. But I think what really got me was when I started researching the Constitution as either firm law or as a “living document”. And I went wild from there…:) ”

All I can say is, “Wow”. What struck me most was the joy that kept bubbling out of her as she shared. It was such a stark contrast to the anger and venom, and worse yet, those comments the media made about the folks that had such a great time at the tea parties? Ugh! What I saw from the “other side” was only angst, name calling and hatred. “Who’d want to be on that side of the fence”, was all I could say as I watched my TV and read articles (after the tea parties) in amazement.

In short, we all joke about people crossing over. And as you can see from the above…it’s happening. One voter at a time.

Just my thoughts.


Did You Know?

April 24th, 2009 by stephanie

I was reading through some newsletters, as I do while going through my email each morning, and came across some info that I honestly either did not remember or had never heard of or learned. Here are a few for that fertile brain of yours today:

  • The state of Maryland’s 1776 constitution states that “the legistlature may, in their discretion, lay a general and equal tax, for the support of the Christian religion.”
  • In several colonies and states a profession of the Christian faith was made an indispensable condition to holding office.
  • North Carolina’s constitution, which remained in force until 1868, reads in part: “That no person who shall deny the being of God or the truth of the Christian religion, or the divine authority either of the Old or New Testaments, or who shall hold religious principles incompatible with the freedom and safety of the State, shall be capable of holding any office or place of trust or profit in the civil department within this State.”
  • States were permitted to require a religious test for office holders.

There are books that actually have the above information and the facts in regards to this topic. They address this type of information, but have been out of print for years. Thanks to the efforts of some very dedicated folks, they are now available for purchase. I personally ordered two!

You can go to and browse around. The two I purchased were:

1. Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the U.S. and,

2. United States: A Christian Nation

If we as a people only knew what we’d lost along the wayside…wow, we could really make a difference. I think we’re beginning to find out just what we as a nation have forgotten. And I think we’re beginning to band together in hopes of turning this Titanic around. For those of you that have an interest in this type of knowledge…

And remember…knowledge is power.


Be in the know!


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