Running a business, a home, and a life Is not for the faint of heart. You need someone who gets you and is drinking from the same cup. Each week the Better Brew Podcast takes business owners behind the barista bar and shares the recipe for juggling the lattes of life while looking for that perfect better-life blend.

Calling all business owners, busy bees, and wannabees. If you own a business, want to own a business, or are thinking about one, look no further. Each week the Better Brew Podcast takes you behind the barista bar and shares the recipe for juggling the lattes of life while looking for that perfect blend. Host Stephanie Huffman shares what’s been brewing in her brain while tracking down those who truly understand what it’s like to run a business, a home, and a life.

Business owners share a unique mindset and we need someone who understands and speaks our language. Join us here where like minds come together to sample out and discuss the brew of the week. We promise to perk you up and even help you let off a little steam. Those with the entrepreneurial spirit will find it a place to prepare their palate before reaching for the bolder brew the rest of us are already drinking. Welcome to the best 20 minutes of your week. Now…Let’s get down to business…


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The Better Brew Podcast – Intro Episode: 
EP 1: Unexpected Transitions – Here, There, and Everywhere w/Host Stephanie Huffman

Entrepreneurs are used to wearing many hats. Unfortunately, this can sometimes get a bit overwhelming. The Better Brew Podcast helps people who are juggling various roles find balance in their personal and professional lives.

In this episode, Stephanie Huffman talks about the many realizations and challenges she faced during the lockdown. This month’s theme, “Here, There and Everywhere,” illustrates the pandemic’s inescapable nature.

Topics Covered:
Stephanie Huffman’s Intro [00:12]
Who are you, and where are you as an entrepreneur in the time of the pandemic? [02:29]
Balancing her business and personal life [03:15]
Choosing people to spend time with [03:51]
Realizations during the pandemic [07:24]
Stephanie Huffman’s Challenging Times [07:47]
Stephanie Huffman’s Realization [08:17]
The GRID Tool [08:58]
Stephanie on wanting to be better [09:58]

What They’re Saying:
“That time (Covid-19 lockdown) was an opportunity for me to sit, stare at the wall, think, revisit, relive, try to find myself again.” – Stephanie Huffman

“Maybe that’s one thing the great pandemic and the sheltering in place gave us – time to stop, time to think, time to review and remember.” – Stephanie Huffman

“It gave me time to heal.” – Stephanie Huffman

Read Stephanie’s Blog for this month!

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Better Brew Podcast Episode 2

The Better Brew Podcast
EP 2: Unexpected Transitions – Starting a Multi-Million Dollar Company in Less Than 5 Years w/Host Stephanie Huffman

While most people are simply focused on coping with the effects of the pandemic, some shrewd entrepreneurs have recognized opportunities and jumped on them. Today’s guest, Gail Matejcic, is one such businesswoman.

From humble beginnings selling AVON and delivering pizza, Gail has become one of the most successful young businesswomen of her generation. Today, she heads her own company as it grapples with the “New Normal.”

In this episode, Gail discussed how she was able to transform crisis into opportunity. Listen as she shares her story on how the pandemic opened up possibilities to grow her business.

Topics Covered:
Gail Matejcic Intro [01:22]
Gail Matejcic tells her story of how she used to deliver pizza via boat [02:40]
Gail Matejcic on how her company is coping with the pandemic [03:58]
How the pandemic created opportunities for Gail [07:15]
Gail on being a successful businesswoman at 35 [11:55]
Gail on growing her company [17:35]
A funny story about Gail and her family [18:52]
Gail on self-care [21:29]
Gail’s Better Blend Tip [07:47]

What They’re Saying:
“When you wake up in the morning, you have a choice – to be happy or not to be satisfied” – Gail Matejcic

“Think about three things you are grateful for” – Gail Matejcic

“Every morning make a list of your to-do’s” – Gail Matejcic

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