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Make Love Not War.

December 5th, 2008 by stephanie

If you follow politics you will note that there’s a lot of debate going on about what the Republican Party (that took a national hit this past November) should now do.

There is discussion as to whether or not to separate from religious issues. There is strife and fear that the party will become too liberal. 4.1 million Republicans didn’t vote in this election. And 4.2 Evangelicals stayed home as well. Apparently, the fur is flying. And no one really knows what this GOP animal will look like when the dust truly settles. One thing is sure, morality issues will continue to motivate a lot of voters. Some voters are for them, some are flat out against them.

All I know is, as much as I’d like for folks to be God-fearing, honorable people, the reality is, that just won’t be the case. Today I sat with some colleagues as we watched O.J.Simpson not only be sentenced but reprimanded by a Nevada judge. It’s ashame, but she had to explain to him that just saying, “What I did was stupid,” doesn’t warrant a “That’s OK, we all make mistakes. You can go home now, sir,” response.

Oddly enough, we have become a society that thinks like that. “Well, we all make mistakes.” Or “We’re all human.” Funny, but if you hit me, I don’t call that a mistake. If you cuss me out, that’s not a mistake either. If you willingly have sex with someone that is not your spouse, that’s not a mistake. That’s a decision to be with that person for the purpose of your and their pleasure. That’s pretty basic.

So the battle on what is right and what is wrong rages. The 60’s taught us it was best to just love. Don’t be angry. Don’t fight. But since then, I can assure you, our crime rate here at home has not gone down. And the tyrant list of the world? It isn’t getting any smaller either.

So I guess the dilemma is this: do you work to pass morality laws to make people that don’t want to be moral be just that – Moral? Or, do you pass laws for the protection of the majority. To preserve the integrity and safety of any and all present and future individuals? Therein will lie the continuous debate.

If you ask me, the greatest thing we can do is pray for individuals to experience true love and freedom from the inside out. When they find the straight and narrow path, they will want to choose good over evil. But if they are determined to take the broad road, there really isn’t anything you and I can do about it. (Except love them and pray, of course.)

Which brings us back to our original point. Love ‘em or fight ‘em or maybe some degree of both? It’s a decision each of us will have to consider and then make. Standing on the sidelines isn’t working anymore.

With that, I do know, I like to be safe. And I like a healthy and happy environment. I also know that I respect the wisdom of our forefathers, and I’d like to preserve that as well. If we as citizens can move in those directions then by all means, count me in. Everyone loves a good fight now and then. Especially, when the battle is for what you know deep down inside – is right.


Political Prowess

September 6th, 2008 by stephanie

I was cruising the usual blogs and articles when I came across some interesting data. Got to Googling as one does, and came up with some nifty info I couldn’t help but share. It being an election year and all, I can’t help but imagine politics not being a topic that I touch on from time to time.

So I came across an article from April of this year on Their story’s highlights read like this:
– Single women make up more than a quarter of the electorate, according to survey
– They could play same role for Dems that evangelicals did for Republicans in 2004
– Single women less likely to vote than married women
– Unmarried women tend to be Democrats, according to survey.

I then saw where a well known political pundit stated that the swing vote in this election will be single moms. Remember the soccer moms phenomenon of 1996 and then the proclaimed security moms in 2004? Well, now it appears to be the unmarried women, mostly with children, who will supposedly determine the outcome of the upcoming election. Hmmmmmm.

One commentator was explaining that the current president, (Bush #43) has been unable to crack the solidly Democratic voting habits of African-Americans and single women. He also noted that more than half of John Kerry’s vote (2004) came from three groups that make up about one-third of the population: blacks, Hispanics and unmarried white women.

To bring perspective, Bush carried married women by 54 percent to 45 percent but apparently lost single women, get this, 36% to 63%. Wow!

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Facts and Features, 36% of the voters in the 2004 election were single. That is more than one-thrid! It will be interesting to see that number once the data comes in this fall.

So, one thing is for sure, if the stats above give you an idea of the power of the single woman’s vote, then all I can say is: Are you registered?

Girl power to ya’. See you at the polls!

If the Spirit Leads…

September 5th, 2008 by stephanie

You should be in church. Then, you should teach Sunday School. You should be in the choir. You should …fill in the blank here.

Did you notice all of the shoulds? It’s one thing to want to do something. It’s another thing to feel that you should or that you just have to. Let me explain.

In 1904, the country of Wales experienced an amazing phenomenon. It has become known as the Welsh Revival. Newspapers reported the outbreak and the results. Here are a few:

Soul winning spread through the coal mines. Profane swearing stopped. Even the miners’ horses were confused when their masters stopped cursing. They did not recognize the new, kinder commands. Bible verses covered the doors down in the mines. Coal miners crowded into prayer meetings that lasted till 3:00 a.m. and then washed, ate breakfast, and returned to work.

In 1905 the London Times reported that huge crowds were attending the meetings.

On January 11th The Times noted that David Lloyd-George, who later became the British Prime Minister, said the Welsh revival gave hope “that at the next election Wales would declare with no uncertain sound against the corruption in high places…” Lloyd-George…also said in one town the tavern sold only 9 cents worth of liquor drinks on Saturday night!

The Times observed that people had “gathered at crowded services for six and eight hours at a time. Political meetings and even football matches were postponed…quarrels between trade-union workmen and non-unionists had been made up…”

According to the Times on February 2nd, 1905, many men abandoned dens of iniquity. Employers noticed a great improvement in the work produced by their employees. A judge named Sir Marchant Williams said that his work was much lighter especially regarding drunkenness and related offenses.

At Bangor University “only a third or fourth of the students attending some of the classes… Beginning with a spontaneous outburst of praise and prayer among the men students, the movement spread…at a united prayer meeting…some…broke down sobbing.”

Here is the thought for today. Many well meaning people have vision and passion for how the church, a ministry, and it’s attendees or members should work. But sadly, the hearts of many believers just aren’t there. What you need to know is that prior to this revival, thousands of prayer circles had been covering Wales for about 18 months. The revival did not inspire hearts. Preaching and programs did not draw the people. The many and committed prayers prior resulted in a moving of the Holy Spirit. Which in turn resulted in packed churches and changed lives. Those people just “had” to go. And that is what “should” happen to be sure. If you are praying for revival, pray on. And let the Spirit lead.


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