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Chix Chat

August 25th, 2018 by stephanie

teacupwhiteCHIX CHAT CLUBS:
An organization commited to bringing together women of like-kinds or like interests. If you have read Stepanie’s Book, you will find an entire chapter on how she encourages women to create Chix Chat Clubs of their own.

If you are new to Chix Chat, check us out. We currently have TWO Chix Chat women’s groups that meet monthly in the greater Nashville area.
Mark your calendars. So get out those calendars, iPads or iPhones and plug in:

Wanna know more?

We’ve got some new things in the works just for you, so you’ll want to check back soon. Our heart is to connect you with other women that will walk this journey with you, at this season of your life, or connect you with ladies that share a common interest. Maybe you are looking for gals with whom to simply whine and unwind, over coffee or whatever. Maybe you are looking for a group that spends a little time getting into and learning the Bible. Whatever the case, Chix Chat is all about finding a place for YOU.

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Maybe you are looking to start a Chix Chat Club of your own. If so, we’d love to help you. Just contact us. Or, if you want to go solo, here are some of the Guidelines found in Stephanie’s Book:
1. Everyone gets a time to share, whine, cry, or babble.
2. As possible, everyone gets equal chat time.
3. Each girl should help the one most in need at the moment. When it’s
your turn to respond to a friend’s story or struggle, offer some kind of
assistance or support. If you can lend some help after you have said
your good-nights or good-byes, do so.
4. Make sure the tone does not turn judgmental, and never end your
special time together on a negative or sour note. Find a way to leave
others encouraged.
5. Designate a point person for your next Chix Chat. (You can rotate.)
This volunteer will be the woman who agrees to keep the girls aware of
the calendar, communicate about any scheduling conflicts that might
prevent you from meeting, and send out that next reminder, text, or
6. Always try to schedule your next time together at the end of your
current gathering.
7. Commit to getting together with the group as often as possible—even
if you have to conference call or Skype in—do it. Make the club a
8. Network, network, network with each other when you are together and
9. Encourage one another as best as possible. While you can’t fix every
problem, (and you shouldn’t try to do as much) you can be a listening
ear and a caring shoulder to lean on—two priceless gifts.
10. Keep it fun. Keep it light. Keep it simple.

Or, if you are looking for a group of women who want to learn more about God’s Word, perhaps you’d like to check our our…
The Scriptures don’t have to be boring or irrelevant. They can be exciting, encouraging and enlightening. Join us as Stephanie gives a sometimes wild and wacky look at the wondrous Word of God.

It’s a time of fun, food and fellowship for women only. For more information, email us at or text us at 615.491.3653.


What they’re saying:

You’re so good at that – at letting people work through things to find the answers on their own – that means so much more than being handed the answer. – Koreen

I just love these groups. Thanks again Stephanie. – Shareen

I wanted to tell you how much I really enjoy [these studies]… You have this great ability to present the bible in a way that is refreshing and enlightening. – Glorien

One of the BEST women’s bible stud[ies] I have ever attended!! Stephanie makes the bible so easy to understand and leaves us craving more!! – Julie

It was fun listening to your recap of past ‘chats’ and learning more about the stories in the Bible in 2 hrs. than I learn in weeks! You have an amazing gift in storytelling. – Gina

I really enjoyed the Bible study…and I learned so much! Thank you… – Susan

[Stephanie] makes the words on the page pop out, grow legs and walk around you as if you’re in the middle of the story. It is fun! – Carolyn


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