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Goodies for You — or Someone You Love.

November 9th, 2009 by stephanie

It’s been an exciting time here at Chix Chat Central. We are pleased to launch our brand new, very own, Chix Chat product line. T-shirts, mouse pads, mugs, even apparel for that adorable pet! Don’t miss the guys apparel too! Take a look around and create your own gift item – for somone special or to simply treat yourself!

You’ll find seven different designs to choose from. Statement t-shirts, and so much more! Here’s to some fun and a few laughs during this phase of your solo lifestyle.

Make a statement this holiday, or just have a good laugh or put a smile on your face. Whether for you or for someone you love, take a look at these great items we have put together speicifically for those navigating the solo waters of life. Just another reminder, it’s always more fun to sail with a buddy. Take a look, make a selection and enjoy! Here’s a private quick-link for our very special guests and Chix Chat Club members.
or try this!

Order today and receive your package by Thanksgiving!

Chat soon!

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