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The Differences Between Boys & Girls.

May 12th, 2009 by stephanie

In keeping with our theme this week, a friend of mine sent me a quote. It comes from a new television show, but oh how it puts into perspective how we girls think.


So men, next time the lady in your life needs that pedicure, or spa visit or that new pair of shoes, this may help you to understand why…


From the new TV show, Castle:
A mother explaining women to her grown, widowed son struggling to keep his daughter’s self-esteem intact:
“She already has self image issues.  It’s the way of women.  Our nose is too big, our rear too small, hair too curly, or too straight, there’s not a woman alive that doesn’t dislike some part of her body.  But the right make up, the right dress and shoes, the right hair cut, hides the flaws we think we have; making us feel beautiful.  And THAT is what makes us beautiful to others.”


One Response to “The Differences Between Boys & Girls.”

  1. Nancy S.

    Hmmm. I gave up on feeling beautiful on the outside years ago, I concentrate now on inner beauty. I MAY have a gentle and quiet spirit by the time I die, but that is doubtful. I will settle for just making people smile when they think of me, and not rolling their eyes!

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