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WELCOME! Authors Show listeners!

September 28th, 2010 by stephanie

Greetings Listeners! Thanks for tuning in today!

We are so glad you have joined. If you haven’t yet, please catch the interview with Don on The Authors Show. (

It was such a treat to meet and spend a bit of time with him and chat about When You Grow Up and get…Single the book. Thanks Don for a wonderful interview.

If this is your first time to visit the site, we’d love for you to take a few moments to click around on the tabs above.

At this website you will find:
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As a special offer for you guests today, here’s a link to the first 9 chapters of Stephanie’s book. For your viewing pleasure. We hope you enjoy!
Click Here for sample!

Stephanie was honored to have the opportunity to be a brief part of The Authors Show today. It’s truly a super show. And we have no doubt you enjoyed the entire show if you were able to tune in and continue listening.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Chat soon!


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